Exercise Tutorials

Most aches and pains we feel in our bodies are mechanical. This means that something we are doing, or not doing, is causing the pain, and therein leis the solution to getting rid of it.

To really combat back pain, you need to hit it at it's source as well as improve core strength and posture, which means standing tall, and sitting better. Poor posture and lack of core strength can also be detrimental when faced with sporting injuries, bending down, carrying heavy loads, travelling, a long day at the office-- the list continues.

Sitting badly has a very negative effect on your spine and core muscles, causing unnecessary stress for prolonged periods of time-- so sort that out, and at the same time try working through some of our exercise tutorials. If you get the chance, let us know how you get on my emailing natalie@feetandspine or tweeting us at @feetandspine.

Through a series of easy Pilates stretches and strengthening exercises, you can improve posture and core strength and be on your way to banishing back pain.