Previously Ease the Feet and Ease the Spine, the company was founded a year ago by Mr George Ampat, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 25 years experience in the field. 

Feet And Spine Offers Ergonomic Office Furniture,  Orthotics (insoles) and Comfort footwear. 

We use a state of the art 4D Rasterstereograms (spine scans)foot pressure scans and physical examination to fully assess a variety of biomechanical issues. These can be anything from sporting injury to arthritis, in anyone from office workers to athletes. Whatever it is, we will help you find the root cause of chronic or acute pain and then provide you with the right tools to help bring you back to your best.

This includes the right comfort footwear: our extensive range of shoes, insoles and ergonomic accessories come from some of the best known and trusted brands such as DB, Semler, Finn Comfort and Aetrex.

But it’s not all about feet; we’ll help you look after your spine too.

We can provide you or your business with ergonomic chairs, manual and electric sit-stand tables and a range of back support accessories to ensure you sit right and stand well. Sitting is one of the most dangerous activities we can do, and as most of us doing it so often without even thinking about it, we take spinal health very seriously.

Your or health and wellbeing are our expertise. Visit us soon for a chat.