Manchester Giants

 On Saturday 16th April, from 9am until 1pm, we are extremely proud to announce that we will be welcoming the Manchester Giants basketball team to our Feet and Spine store in Cheadle Hulme, where the team will be receiving consultations with our expert staff.
Firstly, they will undergo a Dynamic Foot Scan. ( The Diers Formetic ( scanning system allows our experts to analyze the player’s foot pressure reaction forces when walking. This then helps our experts to determine if the players have any anomalies in their feet. The technology can establish physiognomies such as foot roll-over characteristics, foot rotation, foot pressure, and distribution and cadence ( From this information, our experts will be able to recommend whether the player would see a significant benefit from an orthotic, correcting any anomalies discovered and boosting their sporting performance.
What’s more, we don’t just recommend an off-the-shelf insole, but we are able to create custom-made, bespoke insoles ( designed to the individual’s needs. To do this, we will take a 3D digital imprint of the underside of their feet using a pin board connected to the Amfit digitizer. Using computer imaging software, a digital representation of their feet is generated. We can alter this digital image to include arch support, correctional posts and pads, and much more. Once perfected, the image is transmitted to the Amfit mill where the insole will be created from the finest, state-of-the-art materials which are both sturdy and breathable. The insoles are ready in only 90 minutes and are molded to the exact specifications and contours of their feet.
If you are one of the Manchester Giant’s many fans, or you are interested in seeing how this innovative technology works and what the benefits could be for you, then please come along to our Feet and Spine shop on Saturday 16th April.
Dynamic foot scans and custom insoles are not only for boosting sporting performance but have amazing day-to-day benefits for everyone. Our dynamic scans analyse musculoskeletal function which can help diagnose anomalies which can cause back, foot and joint pain, symptoms of arthritis, instability and many more. Quick, radiation-free, and works without contact, this innovative technology is an invaluable way of discovering more about your musculoskeletal health, which will help you to treat and prevent pain and discomfort. This information can help us to design bespoke insoles to help alleviate any problems you may be experiencing. Our bodies have to learn to work around the little dysfunctions we develop, which can put our muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons under undue pressure. A bespoke insole made to the exact specifications and contours of your feet will bring every day comfort and help you care for your feet in the best possible way.
To celebrate this visit by the Manchester Giants, we are offering these dynamic scans at a discounted price. We will be performing 100 scans at the reduced price of £30 instead of our usual cost of £150, if booked on or before Saturday 16th April. That’s a massive 80% discount!
Scans are by appointment only.  Call 0161 488 4491 to book, and don’t miss this Giant offer!