Lynco L400 Sports Orthotics

High-impact activities such as running and jumping place a lot of stress on your feet and joints. Even with proper sports shoes, correct orthotic devices have been shown to improve running economy and help prevent painful problems in the feet, joints and even the back. Stay healthy and help prevent injury with the Sports Series Aetrex Lynco Orthotics

The sports orthotics are specially designed to provide cushioning and arch support and increase shock absorption during high-impact activities. They are made from hardwearing and shock absorbent material and are slightly stiffer than the other series to hold their shape during exercise. They feature an antibacterial copper-guard top cover which controls odour

You might have noticed that there are four different series of orthotics. Each number after the first one means a different type of orthotics. So here they are explained as follows: 

400 (00) Series Lynco Orthotics

The 00 series Lynco orthotics are suited for people with medium to high arched feet and those that usually suffer from the ball of foot pain and discomfort. The rear heel of the orthotics are cupped for better support and stability of the foot. Here are the markings that you will usually find on 00 series Lynco orthotics: 

Aetrex Lynco 00 Series OrthoticsLynco 00 Series Orthotics Features

405 (05) Series Lynco Orthotics

The 05 series orthotics from the Aetrex Lynco series are designed for people with medium to high arch feet and they feature metatarsal support. The middle of the insoles has a little bump to support and align the arch of the foot during high-intensity activities and exercises. the rearfoot is cupped to provide better stability and cushioning for the heel. Here are the markings for the 05 series:

Aetrex Lynco 05 Series OrthoticsAetrex Lynco 05 Series Orthotics Cupped Heel

420 (20) Series Lynco Orthotics

The 20 series Lynco orthotics are suitable for people with flat or low arched feet and posted rearfoot for improved heel support during high impact sports and activities. The 20 series come without metatarsal support to help prevent and relieve ball-of-foot related pain and discomfort.  The heels are posted to prevent over-pronation. Here are the markings that are typical for the 20 series:

Lynco Orthotics 20 Series FeaturesLynco Orthotics 20 Series Features Posted Rearfoot

425 (25) Series Lynco Orthotics

The 25 series orthotics for the Aetrex Lynco range are suited for people with low arched or flat feet. The provide metatarsal support to help relieve ball-of-foot related pains and discomfort. The metatarsal support can also help with the weight distribution of the foot inside the shoes. The heel is posted to prevent slippage and over-pronation of the feet. Here are the usual marking you'll find on the 25 series orthotics:  

Lynco Orthotics 25 Series Features metatarsal supportLynco Orthotics 25 Series Features Posted Rearfoot

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