Aetrex Lynco Orthotics

Custom Orthotics For Painful Feet

Aetrex Lynco Orthotics


Humans are designed to walk on grass and sand where the pressure is evenly distributed across the plane of our feet. The hard surfaces in our modern dwellings can take a toll on the way we use our feet and cause many problems for us.

 Our feet are flexible and have a tendency to over-pronate when we walk or stand: the arches flatten and the ankles begin to collapse in. This leads to painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis and forefoot problems such as bunions. Problems with incorrect foot position also have knock-on effects up through the ankles, knees, hips and even back, often resulting in pain or discomfort in these areas as well.

What Are Orthotics And How They Can Help? 

An orthotic insole lifts the arch, cushions the sole and evenly redistributes pressure on the feet.The alignment of the foot and ankle are gently corrected, bringing relief from pain and creating a healthier configuration feet and spine. People can easily benefit from wearing orthotics for plantar fasciitis as they can relieve the pressure on the plantar and therefore relieve the pain associated with the condition. 

It is very important that you choose the right orthotic for your feet and we carry seven different types of orthotics. Each type serves a specific purpose and needs and here they are explained as follows: 

Fashion Series Orthotics

The Lynco 100 series orthotics are geared towards the more fashion conscious ladies out there. They are specifically designed to wear with high heels shoes, flat evening shoes and formal footwear. They are designed for support and balance. The patented "cobra" shape and support gently balances your feet and provides much-needed body alignment. The orthotics are made from genuine leather and thermoplastic urethanes making them breathable and easy to clean. 

Sports Series Orthotics

The Aetrex Lynco 400 series orthotics are a light and resilient type of orthotics designed to withstand the challenges of high-intensity exercises and sports. The sports series offer excellent shock absorption, cushioning and arch support to people with painful feet who don't want go give up on their favourite sports activities. The Lynco series orthotics and clinically proven to help and prevent some of the most common foot conditions such as Arch Pain, Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis. 

Dress Series Orthotics

The Aetrex Lynco 500 series orthotics are three-quarters insoles geared towards the more traditional customers. They are specifically designed for use in most shoe styles and they fit well in most dress shoes without removable footbed. The arch support that is provided by the Lynco orthotics balances your feet gently and offer correct body alignment. They are manufactured with function in mind - full grain leather and suede bottom prevent unnecessary sliding inside the shoes and offer greater breathing space and cushioning. 

Casual Series Orthotics

The Aetrex Lynco 600 series orthotics are the most versatile of the series as they are designed to fit the most common shoes out there. As expected, they offer great cushioning and arch support and are engineered to help patients suffering from some of the most common feet problems - arch pain and Plantar Fasciitis. 

Heritage Series Orthotics

The Aetrex Lynco 1500 series orthotics are the upper-class orthotics from Lynco. They are made from the finest materials and leathers available on the market today. The heritage series offer premium arch support and foot comfort. The have the ProShox system built-in to help with proper alignment of your body and feet. The are resilient, light weight orthotics with premium features offering bespoke solutions for your specific foot type. 

Memory Foam Orthotics 

The Lynco 2200 series orthotics offer superb cushioning and arch support. They are designed to fit most shoes styles and provide excellent comfort while maintaining your feet health. Made from the slow recovering IQ150 memory foam they shape around your foot and create pain-free environment inside your shoes. 

Customizable Series Orthotics

The Lynco 2400 series orthotics are featuring the patented Mozaic customizations technology to help you modify your orthotics to your needs to relieve pressure points inside your shoes. Made from Pro-Shox polyurethane and CopperGuard top, the 2400 series are superior orthotic to help you align your body and feet. The feature state of the art CopperGuard top to prevent fungi and bacteria developing inside your shoes.