About Us

Feet And Spine is an orthopaedic surgeon backed enterprise offering bespoke footwear and ergonomic solutions for people with pain in the feet and spine. 

Known previously as Ease the Feet and Ease the Spine in Manchester, the company was founded in 2015 by the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr George Ampat. Dr Ampat has over 25 years of experience in the field and all of our products are tested and recommended professionally by him. 

We are currently working out of two locations. We have offices in Liverpool and Manchester and looking to expand nationally as soon as we can. We can offer very competitive pricing on all our products and special discount for bulk orders and business solutions.  

We have an extensive range of shoes, insoles, and accessories that come from some of the best known and trusted brands in the industry such as DB, Semler, Finn Comfort and Aetrex. We offer free foot checks to all of our customers and there are no pushy sales tactics. We offer bespoke solutions to relieve the most common causes of back pain and feet pain. 

We have our full range of comfort footwear on display and you are more than welcome to come in for a free foot check and to try our exclusive footwear collections. 

The Liverpool office can be found here: 


Feet And Spine is located right across the Our Lady and Saint Nicholas Church of England on Chapel Street. The closest parking is located a block away at Rumford Street Car Park. The said parking tend to be very expensive during the day so we recommend the NCP Pall Mall Car Park that is only a short walk away - usually less than 8 minutes walk. 

We also stock a wide variety of Ergonomic Office Furniture and we can provide you or your business with a wide variety of ergonomic office chairs, sit-stand workstations and a range of back support accessories to ensure you sit right and stand well. Sitting is considered the smoking of the current generation.



Your health and wellbeing are our expertise.