Women's Footwear

Orthopedic Comfort Shoes - Women's

At Feet and Spine, we offer only footwear and orthotics designed and produced by master craftsmen. We provide high quality foot accessories that provide you with the proper support for medical issues, or just in case you need extra comfort.
Women especially can be affected by foot-related issues, even more so since they sometimes required to wear high heels. We sell high-heeled shoes that provide increased sole support and balance and allow weight to be distributed evenly. Our shoes are also good for lumbar support, since they don’t deform your spine - on the contrary, they support and correct posture.

Orthopaedic Women's Shoes

The range of women's footwear below features a wide range of modernly designed shoes, both elegant and casual, in a variety of colours and styles. You can find high heel shoes, boots, sandals, or sports and outdoor shoes. The shoes come in a number of sizes and half-sizes.
We provide face to face consultations and measurements in our stores, so we also offer custom-made shoes that fit you perfectly on all accounts: support needed, level of comfort, size, colour and style, so that overall your needs are met. We design with functionality in mind, so when ordering from us, you can choose from features like:

  • Anatomical footbed
  • Padded topline, collar, or tongue
  • Flexible toe box
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic soles with shock absorption
  • Soft leather uppers
  • Inner socks that allow extra depth for the use of orthotic devices

Browse the list and check out the different styles we offer!