For centuries we have been sitting incorrectly, manufacturers have produced and created seats that have been built at a 90 degree angle. As you can imagine this cannot be good for our backs as our spines have a natural curve. Even as children we subconsciously knew this was incorrect, it can only explain why we loved to rock backwards and forwards on our school chairs. Who says it had anything to do with boredom? Now, as adults, we see this act as defiant. However, this is merely the child's natural instinct to sit in a position that creates and maintains a curve in their spine. By bringing the chair forward onto its front legs, the child is able to increase the spine to thigh angle, encouraging a natural position in the back.


The urge to curve our spine is behaviour that takes place in the subconscious. This is demonstrated through the naturally comfortable positions we find ourselves in when sleeping. Typically, the most common position involves tucking your knees upwards towards your chest, similar to the fetal position: encouraging an inward spinal curve.

 Improving your posture.

The human body is designed for lots of movement: not to be sat stationary and stiff for continued periods of time. To rest is normal, but the average person sits for almost 8-10 hours per day. Our shared belief is by sitting with our backs straight in a chair with our feet planted firmly on the ground throughout that time, is the healthiest way to sit. On the contrary, sitting in this limiting and an unnatural position in the long-term can have a severe impact on your health and be a major contributing factor to posture and back problems.

We do encourage you to stand where possible and be more active, however, 1 hour of physical activity will not counterbalance 8 hours of stagnant sitting. So what can we do about it?
One alternative would be to embrace the fact that sitting cannot be avoided at all times. Nonetheless, you can change the way you do so. We recommend using saddle chairs.
Imagine being sat on a horse saddle whilst riding. As the horse moves, so do you. You have a comfortable curve throughout your spine as your body naturally sways with the movement of the horse. Saddle chairs use this exact principle. Not only is the aforementioned stance fantastic for your posture as it comfortably encourages you to sit upright; removing the possibility to slump, strengthening your back at the same time. They help promote movement throughout your spine, which is absolutely essential to a healthy back. Not only are they beneficial to our health but also a healthy alternative to have in an office or medical workplace. These saddle chairs are efficient, easy to clean and take up less room than your standard office / working chair.

 Trot on down to feet and spine.

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