It is unfortunate to let you know that, sitting for prolonged periods of time is proven to be seriously bad for your health. Not only can sitting lead to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and spinal degeneration, but these actions can also be connected to weight gain and obesity!
When sitting down, your metabolic rate is low. As a result - when your food breaks down, your body stores the glucose from your meal as fat. Whereas, had you been stood after consuming your food, your metabolic rate would be higher and your body would have burnt the extra glucose instead.

You can how ever make changes that will make a difference. According to leading sports doctor, Dr Mike Loosemore, he explains that only "4% of women and 7% of men are adhering to the government's recommendations to engage in over 150 hours of physical activity a week. By making seemingly insignificant minor changes the benefits over time will add up, without significant effort for those that don’t have the time or even desire to exercise."

What if, to improve your health, we told you to complete ten marathons this year? Easy right? That is less than one a month. You would think we were crazy, right?. (Unless you are Paula Radcliffe.)
With a scary rate of just 28% of the UK population participating in  30 minutes or more of exercise a week, rather than an unrealistic lifestyle overhaul, for some people it is little changes that make a difference.
We suggest to try standing at your desk for 3 hours a day, thanks to brands such as Aluforce and Actiforce that allow sit down desks to be transfered into stand up desks; working whilst standing is becoming  an increasingly popular choice for office workers. As a result - the extra energy you burn, is similar to the ten marathons a year.



Here are the three main benefits you can gain from switching your normal desk to a standing desk

Gain more energy

By standing for longer, food can properly digest, resulting in improved energy levels. In a recent survey, trailing only an hour of standing, a study group saw 38% reduction in fatigue, 87% of people felt more energised, and 66% of individuals felt more productive when compared to those that didn't stand.

Burn more calories

As well as extra energy, standing will improve your metabolic rate. By opting to stand for three hours, five days a week, your body naturally burns an additional 750 calories a week. A seemingly little amount, that when compounded over the year, equates to those ten marathons that we mentioned earlier.

Improved overall health

Dr Loosemore quotes lifestyle changing results as a product of taking small, simple steps to increasings physical exercise. The risk of heart disease can be cut by 40%, high blood pressure and breast cancer risk face an almost 50% decrease, with slightly higher results for colon cancer.

Sit-stand desks revolutionise your office space by allowing you to change your position throughout the day at the click of a button. To find out more and start making the changes to your health, take a look at the Aluforce adjustable sit-stand desk today