What’s love got to do with it?!

Statistically, the current average length of a relationship lasts two years and nine months. For those of us actively dating, we go to astronomical lengths searching for love and finding “the one.”  

One dating app’s figures show people go through an average of 16 different dialogues with others, roughly participating in between four to five dates with them before finding their significant others. It takes an average of three days with a minimum of 25 messages before swapping telephone numbers. This entire process takes place before even going on a date. These results are only from one of the plethoras of apps available. It is an ocean full of fish actively being waded through to find one's soul mate.

What about the silent partner that we have already have? The one we do not give nearly as much attention to. The one we ignore quite regularly, we squash into small spaces, we do not look after, but they stay there for us day after day. We do not show our appreciation for them. What about the unsung heroes; our feet?


Finding your “sole” mate

More often than not, we choose our shoes based on our outfits, what looks good and what is in fashion; not for the purpose they are intended; to cover and protect our feet.  As human beings, naturally we were designed to walk barefoot on the soft ground. Soft ground like grass or sand moulds around the feet and reduces the stress that our feet endure. Over time we built roads and hard surfaces. Most shoes on the high street are constructed in the same unnatural way. The footwear we choose to wear has a significant impact on foot health and our general well being; picking the right shoe for you can greatly improve your posture, leading to 33% less stress on your back. We should select options designed for our feet to provide a comfortable and secure environment for our feet.

The stability of the structure, the materials they are made from, the width and length and inbuilt arch support to match the shape of your foot all matter when deciding on shoes. Compared to our dating habits, we are easy when it comes to selecting our footwear partner. We do not put any effort into finding the right match.


Foot health

With the tyres on your car, after 20,000-25,000 miles you replace the tyre and get them aligned and rebalanced. In a typical human lifetime, we will walk 110,000 miles: four laps of the globe! What are you doing to ensure you keep your feet healthy? One of the most important things you can do is to get regularly measured accurately using a Brannock device. This machine takes six detailed measurements of the feet both when standing and when seated as the distribution of pressure while stood makes the foot bigger; affecting your size choice.

When you have the total measurements of your feet, you can choose shoes designed to suit you. If you are looking for some help with your measurements, why not book an appointment to come and visit us at Ground Floor Suite, St Nicholas House, Old Church Yard, Chapel Street, LiverpoolL2 8TZ for a free consultation. We have a wide selection of stunning, comfortable choices designed to suit you. Call Rebeka on 0151 363 9599 to arrange an appointment.


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