Mephibosheth is the son of Jonathan and grandson of King Saul. Both King Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle. When the news of the defeat reached from Jezreel, Mephibosheth's nurse picked him up and fled. Mephibosheth was only 5 years old at that time. Unfortunately he fell while fleeing and became crippled in this accident Samuel 2:4;4. Since then Mephibosheth lived in hiding as in those times it was customary to kill the defeated King's family so that there would not be anyone left to reclaim the throne. King David was now the new King, but being a fair King, he sought the whereabouts of Mephibosheth and invited him. Following the meeting, King David restored to Mephibosheth all the land and profits that were rightfully his. The plight of the disabled and injured is amply demonstrated by the words uttered by Mephibosheth during the first meeting with King David "Why should you notice a dead-dog like me?". King David not only restored justice but invited Mephibosheth to always dine on the Kings table 2 Samuel 9.  This maybe the first recorded episode of restoration of justice to the injured and disabled. It is important that the injured and disabled are compensated for the injuries sustained. King David lived 3000 years ago in 900 BC. It maybe took nearly 2900 years for our law to catch up in the famous snail case of Donoghue v Stevenson.

George Ampat

 Mephibosheth dining at the table of King David