Footwear plays a vital role in the maintenance of foot health. The most important purpose of shoes is to protect your feet and prevent injury; however in order to do so they must be a good fit!

Inadequately fitted shoes, shoes that are too narrow, too short or too large can cause discomfort, injury, even permanent deformity and ulceration! 

Here is a List of common foot problems, how they affect the body and the shoes that may be suitable – This is personal preference / opinion. This is not a substitute for advice by your GP or another medical expert.



Sufferers of diabetes have a higher risk of having peripheral vascular disease (PVD.) PVD reduces blood flow through the arteries which affects the blood flow to the legs. This often causes foot related problems.
Having diabetes can also cause an issue with your sensory, motor and autonomic nerves. This can cause a lack of sensation in the feet and you can become unaware of any pain or discomfort. Cuts and abrasions can become infected.

Other foot problems in diabetes are clawing of toes, the foot becoming arched and charcot Foot.

For women I recommend the DB Healey shoe for outdoor use.
Healey is seam free and hence there is less rubbing and pressure on the front and top of the foot (above the metatarsals.) As for slippers or house shoes, I would recommend DB Caroline 2, this shoe also has a seamless front and are cushioned for extra comfort. The soles are hard wearing so they will not break in or soften; they are sturdier than the average high street brands. I also think they are ideal for those who have trouble with balance, because of the stiff sole. 

For men I recommend the DB Shannon. Do not be put off by the female name of this shoe, it is a man’s shoe. The Shannon has a soft leather upper with a removable leather insole which will enable other orthotic insoles to be inserted if required. Once again the shoe has no seams around the toe box area, allowing less chaffing and reducing the possibility of ulcers.

DB Healey Shoe        DB Shannon Shoe



Arthritis like  osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis can affect the joints in the feet which can then causes pain and deformity.

Osteoarthritis often causes wear and tear of the cartilage, bony spurs at the base of the big toe and can lead to bunions appearing.

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation in the joints and at the ball of the foot. Ligaments begin to loosen, which then pushes the bone against the skin at the bottom of the foot. This leads to ulcers, calluses and sometimes abrasions at the top of the toes.


I recommend wider fitting shoes, which are supportive of the heel. Supporting the heel prevents further pain or discomfort being transmitted to the rest of the body. If the heel is not supported, it allows more room for the foot to move in a shoe. This can transfer the pain up the foot and towards the knees and hips.

For women I recommend the DB Healey shoe once again and for the men the DB Reece Shoe or DB Havant Shoe. The Reece Shoe is a seam free toe box shoe. It has light weight shock absorbent soles with removable air cushioned insoles. The touch fastening shoes are easy to use and accessible and adjustable. The DB Havant shoe is both smart and comfortable. It contains an anti-bacterial, anti-odour poly sock. The straps are touch fastening, easily adjustable and accessible.

DB Reece Shoe         DB Havant Shoe


Odema & Lymphedema

Oedema (Dropsy) is because of fluid retention within the body. Build up of fluid can cause tissues in the affected area to swell up. This is common in feet and is often known as peripheral oedema. 

Lymphedema is from build up of body fluid in the tissue due to the lymphatic system being damaged or disrupted. The arms and legs are the most common areas that suffer with this problem. Hence a damage to the lymphatic system can prevent removal of the excess fluid into blood stream; it causes swelling due to the fluid build up.

The shoe I would recommend for women suffering with this condition are: DB Fife or DB Orlando.The Fife opens up wide for easy access and is equipped with touch fastening straps. It contains an anti bacterial and anti odour sock, seam free side panels as well as many other features. The orlando is an attractive new style, which allows adjustable fastening and an attractive trim detail. This shoe contains 2 removable air cushioned insoles for extra depth.


DB Fife Shoe  DB Orlando Shoe.