Bakpro - Trigger Point Pain Release Tools

Bakpro - Trigger Point Pain Release Tools
Bakpro Pain - trigger point release tools

Bakpro set of 3 tools designed to release painful trigger points in your back and neck and other parts of the body.
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Bakpro - Trigger Point Pain Release Tools
Excl. VAT: £104.17 Incl. VAT: £125.00

The Stim Stick - to reach and release painful ‘trigger’ points you can’t normally reach in the neck, shoulder, back and buttocks.

The Stim Ball - to work on specific areas that require a different kind of pressure including hips, buttocks, and pelvis and even the feet. It is designed to be grip-comfortable even for arthritic hands.

The Stim Roll - like regular foam rollers but collapsible for travel and storage and anti-microbial. Used to realign the spine and to release special tissues.

The Bak Booklet - full instructions on how to use Bakpro and the specialist exercises, come in multiple formats, as well as a mobile and interactive website.

DVD disc - for those of you who want to do the exercises at home on a DVD player, laptop or TV.  Also useful if you have no WIFI for any reason.

All exercises are available on the Bakpro website once you’ve purchased a set.  We have divided the body into 5 areas so users can pick exercises for certain parts of the body or do the full programme.


Back and neck pain - sitting is the new smoking and we all do it, most of us for up to 8 hours a day at our desks

The Bakpro set of 3 tools and DVD/web based 30 exercises has been formulated by Nick Potter, a leading osteopath.  It is his recipe of all of his evidence-based top tips and techniques to release your spine and painful tissues.  


The product is designed for anyone suffering from back, neck or pelvic pain.  It is particularly good for:

  • Anyone who sits at a desk or laptop all day - our 'laptop and latte society' that we now live in.
  • Heavy lifters.
  • Sporty gym types, runners, footballers, all sorts, and for those with sport's injuries or issues - they don't need to go to a physio every two minutes - they can help themselves with this.
  • Children - from an early age, hunched over iPads and laptops, sometimes resulting in spinal issues.


Bakpro has been designed and engineered in the UK and manufactured overseas.


There is nothing like it on the market - yes, your physio might give you a foam roller to lie on but nobody has devised a foam roller, stim stick and stim ball along with all the relevant exercises in one package - that's what makes us different - and it's been designed by an osteopath that is passionate about spines.


The tools are very easy to use and do not need supervision - a DVD and the website have the complete set of exercises included.

 'Sitting is the new smoking' is the current view taken by most public health bodies and costs the NHS billions - and with most offices workers sitting for more than 8 hours a day, and the 'laptop and latte society' we live in, there is real pressure to do something about back pain and sick leave costs produced by it.  


We think that this product is a game changer in the treatment of back pain. Unlike any other product on the market, it will educate and empower people to manage and take responsibility for their own back and neck problems.


Who will it help?

Potentially everyone!  Because our modern lifestyles are very hard on our spines and bodies.  Most of us do not move, exercise or play enough during the day.


Particularly those who have a sedentary job and spend a lot of time at a computer.


Sports people, was part of their conditioning and recovery programme or to treat specific muscular pain or overuse injury.


If you suffer with:


Low back or neck pain



Joint or muscular pain

Age related or general stiffness


Whiplash injury

Stress and anxiety

ME or post viral fatigue


TMJ (jaw) pain

Some forms of dizziness


Sleep problems


Children and young people:


In our modern times children are developing poor posture due to extended periods at electronic devices, working and gaming. More importantly they use them in terrible positions (bed, floor, couch etc).

Increasingly they are producing spinal problems and presenting to clinics at worryingly early ages. Bakpro is for all the family and can help prevent such problems.


Those already under the care of a physical therapist can use bakpro as part of their recovery but only with their approval. 

It is never intended to replace consulting a physician or other qualified professional.


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